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Features and Benefits

Acclarix AX8 — New Generation Ultrasound Platform

        Silicon Valley innovation and design expertise
       128 channels on transmit and receive
        Exceptional computing power resulting in outstanding 

        image processing
Distinctive Design with Intrinsic Quality

        15 » HD LCD monitor reinforced with specially 
        engineered glass for improved durability, 
        Tilt-and-swivel monitor with 60°left/right swivel 
        10”touch-screen with gesture-control user interface
        Additional 5” touch screen houses a virtual trackball 
        Fully sealed control panel, with frequently used hard 
        keys, aids in maintaining infection control
        Touch-sensor for rapid battery level check in two 

        Removable lithium ion battery provides approximately

        75 minutes of typical exam use
Innovative Imaging Technologies

        Tissue adaptive B-mode imaging
        Adaptive Doppler imaging 
        Harmonic imaging 
        Speckle reduction imaging 
        Spatial compound imaging
        Panoramic Imaging 
        Needle visualization
Intelligent Workflow

        Virtual TGC adjustment 
        User-defined preset menu
        Gesture control user interface
        Detail/General/Penetration & High Flow/Medium

        Flow/Low Flow quick-sets
        Connectivity: DICOM, 4 USB ports (2 2.0/2 3.0),

        Ethernet, headphone socket, video out, PDF, AVI and

        BMP file export, microphone input 
        Standard 500 GB hard disk
New transducer technologies

        The Acclarix AX8 System boasts a full range of

        transducers that span most point-of-care and

        general imaging applications. All transducers feature

        multiple, selectable fundamental and harmonic

        frequencies to provide exquisite sensitivity, excellent

        detail and contrast resolution, and image uniformity

        throughout the field of view so you can appreciate

        even the smallest details.